Planting Trees-A hope for the future

We were thrilled late January 2020 to be offered a pack of trees from the woodland trust as apart of their educational packages. Then in November the package arrived, a year round colour with Hazel, Dogwood, Silver Birch, Rowan, Wild Cherry and Hawthorne we just couldn't wait to get going.

It was quite a process to find space on our 7 acres of site, dig the holes, prep the saplings and plant, but we were thrilled when we managed to get them all planted in within the week. Not only will we look forward to the growth of these lovely trees and enjoy watching them develop, it is a beginning to a brighter and green future for Nettle Hill.

We had already set out plans to become a green business but over the last year we have had time to reflect on what our vision is and where our goals are. So to be able to think about the community around us, the beautiful world we live in, the nature that we share it with and how we can make a positive impact on all that surrounds us.

Nettle Hill is passionate about soil, trees, nature, insects, birds, life, humans and how we are all interacted on this journey of life. We want to be a place of refugee, a place of wonder, a place of learning, a place of peace and well being.

We hope you will come on this journey with us and watch out for more information coming soon.

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